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What do our Customers say?

I loved this kit. It made my eyelashes look amazing! Although it was very difficult to place the eyelashes on the pads, the outcome was absolutely beautiful. It also irritated my eyes a little but it was not too bad.
I was nervous to try this product, but it paid off! I watched several tutorial videos on youtube before attempting it myself. They walk you through it step by step, and give you their modifications that you can take or leave.
Not 5 stars for me because it doesn't come with the under eye pads it says you should use (I just didn't use them and it was fine just be extra careful) and none of the liquids other than the glue come with applicator
It works. Follow the directions and don't leave it on for too long. Its not difficult to use and my lashes have been permed for 2 weeks now. They hold well and it looks great. When using this I found the glue doesn't really work. I used my usual lash glue instead and everything was fine from that point.